Abyssinia / Europa / The Ruins of Eden and Other Witcheries. Damian / Ghahwagi Murphy, Harold, Karim / Billings.

Abyssinia / Europa / The Ruins of Eden and Other Witcheries

Mount Abraxas (Ex Occidente Press):
Bucharest: 2017
Three books, with matching numbers. All First editions, All hardcover, All with cards SIGNED by the author, All limited, All New in dust jacket,

Three volumes. Sold as a set. with matching numbers. RUINS OF EDEN is limited to 105 numbered copies and includes a card, signed by the author, laid in. ABYSSINIA is limited to 107 copies and includes a card, signed by the author, laid in. EUROPA is limited to 93 numbered copies and is signed by publisher Dan Ghetu and includes a card, signed by the author, laid in. About ABYSSINIA: “Abyssinia follows the intrigues and deceptions of two women, each of which are staying in one of seven luxury suites in the Hotel Argentum. The suites are named after former European territories whose boundaries have since been subsumed. Petra has checked into Fiume, whose final days were spent beneath the deranged auspices of the poet and dictator Gabriele D’Annunzio. Celia is staying in Galicia, whose fate was sealed soon after the First World War. Between the women stands Karl Reginald von Lobkowicz, an antiquated doll which Celia is seldom seen without. Petra’s fascination vacillates between the cracked and blemished figure and its eccentric owner. The matter is further complicated by the appearance of an eighth suite, which appears to be concealed somewhere within the Hotel grounds.” EUROPA is from the author of AMERIKA (a previous Ex Occidente title) “Ever since Amerika has disappeared, the Supreme Chancellor of Europa and his military apparatus have been on high alert. Caustic with fear and paranoia that they could be next, the Supreme Chancellor’s Purple Guard and the D.S.V. now rule the walled- in jigsaw of nation states with an iron fist- and the occasional motivational slogan. Dogs and baboons in military uniforms routinely march on the streets, rockets are tested fired into the Atlantic in the direction of the disappeared continent, huge air balloons release hourly precipitations of info confetti upon the hoi-polloi as special treats, service announcements and surveillance alerts blare out of static filled speakers on every street corner, sprawling Mar-a-Lago detention centers are strained by the large influx of newly arrived American refugees. But the fires of revolution are starting to stir in the ancient forges of Europa. Now rumors are circulating that the steady stream of American refugees have been infiltrated by infernal forces. All six thousand paintings of the Supreme at the National Portrait Gallery have vanished overnight. Postal services are in flux. Carousels are all turning in the wrong direction. The Roshlon mannequin of the Great Dictator Himself at the Albion Waxworks seems to have been reassigned to the Fifth Dimension. Chimneys over London release huge clouds of blackened smoke in fearful symmetries. Suddenly Travel Writers, Epic Poets and the occasional Pamphleteer are subject to increased scrutiny and suspicion… Meanwhile the Eternal Detective, long dormant in a strange, fugue-like space, has begun to stir…”. THE RUINS OF EDEN AND OTHER WITCHERIES is limited to 105 copies with card, signed by the author, laid in. It consists of “. . . four bleak stories of the occult and the weird folk.” All three books include illustrations. These books make up what Ex Occidente is calling their “Heirloom Collection.” All three books have a most unusual trim size: 14 inches by 6 inches. We’re told that these are the first, last and only books from Ex Occidente and Mount Abraxas that will see this particular format. That’s one of the reasons why, for now at least, we’re only offering the books as a set of three. The other reason is that as collectors ourselves, we believe these three books belong together. #59982

Price: $450.00

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