Through a Mythos Darkly. Glynn Owen Barrass, Brian M. Sammons.

Through a Mythos Darkly

PS Publishing:
London: 2017
First edition, Hardcover, New in dust jacket,
253 pp.
Cover artwork by: Tomislav Tikulin

“In this Cthulhu Mythos inspired anthology, editors Glynn Owen Barrass & Brian M. Sammons invited their authors to ‘Take a steampunk world, fill it with giant steam powered robots, and have them herding shoggoths for the ‘betterment’ of mankind. Have them rebel, and have do-gooders set about trying to free them. Fill a world with Deep Ones or Ghouls, or create a world where magic is a part of everyday life, or where America was never discovered because something kept eating the ships, or the Nazis won WWII thanks to outside influences. Perhaps the Chinese built the Great Wall to keep something out other than Mongol hordes.’” #59924

Price: $40.00

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