The Origins. Lima Barreto.

The Origins

Raphus Press:
Brasilia: 2017
First printing, Limited edition, New,
24 pp.

This edition limited to 55 numbered copies. “Between the years of 1919 and 1920, Lima Barreto, a remarkable writer from Rio de Janeiro, was Institutionalized by force in the infamous National Hospital of Insane; he faced a serious condition of delirium tremens, and the response to this from the health security authorities at the time was the humiliation that began when the patient was transported through the streets of the city. All these experiences were recorded in a diary, later transformed into the novel Cemitério dos Vivos (a possible translation: ‘Cemetery for the Living’), an extraordinary narrative experience that remained incomplete, since the death of the author prevented its conclusion. In fact, the book would only be published in 1956, long after the author's passing. However, excerpts were published in the Brazilian magazines in the 1920s, one of them a compilation of the first chapter, ‘The Origins’, presented in the third and last chapbook of the series ‘Golden Age of Clairvoyance’. This extraordinary and rare material is introduced by a piece, an Alcebiades Diniz Miguel original short story, ‘Sickness’, on the misery and madness unfortunately very common in Brazilian backlands.” #59919

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