Item #55934 The Secret Kingdom / Scratch One Asteroid. Otis Adelbert Kline, Willard Allen S. Kline / Hawkins.

The Secret Kingdom / Scratch One Asteroid

Armchair Fiction:
Medford: 2015
Trade paperback, New,
224 pp.

“The first novel is The Secret Kingdom by Otis Adelbert Kline and Allen S. Kline. Deep in a South American mountain hideaway was a secret kingdom of lost Indians, descended from a race once conquered by the Spaniards. They were a race of peaceful people, but a race that jealously guarded the secrecy of their city. Into this realm biologist Alfred Bell ventured in hopes of finding species of previously undiscovered plants and insects. But after a run-in with a poison dart, followed by his subsequent rescue, Bell found himself a permanent ‘resident’ of this city. Scratch One Asteroid deals with treachery and piracy in deep space. The most vicious criminals of time and space rode the penal ship Verulin, the ship that was known for being ‘escape-proof.’ It’s final destination was a massive penal colony on the distant asteroid, Ceres. There the Verulin’s three hundred-plus prisoners would be deposited and permanently lodged. But it didn’t take too long for a hardened space criminal like Brent Agar to devise a way out of his prison cell; and then to secure a one-way escape ticket into the wilds of outer space on board a small space cruiser. Unfortunately, it also meant bringing along a thuggish space pirate named Pete Monson, as well as the beautiful niece of a Terran millionaire.” This is a print-on-demand title. #55934

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