Extreme Metaphors. J. G. Ballard, Simon Sellers.

Extreme Metaphors

Fourth Estate:
New York: 2014
First printing, Trade paperback, New,
503 pp.

“A startling and at times unsettlingly prescient collection of J. G. Ballard s greatest interviews.J.G. Ballard was a literary giant. Best known for his controversial bestseller Crash and the memoir Empire of the Sun, he was a writer of unique talent always surprising, frequently prescient. Such acuity was not exclusive to his novels and, as this book reminds us, Ballard s restive intelligence sharpened itself in dialogue. He entertained many with insights into the world as he saw it, and speculated, often correctly, about its future. Some of these observations earned Ballard an oracular reputation, and continue to yield an uncannily accurate commentary today.” #54695

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