Alfred E. Neuman: Mini Bobblehead Kit. ALFRED E. NEUMAN.

Alfred E. Neuman: Mini Bobblehead Kit

Running Press:
Philadelphia: 2014
Mini Bobble-head,
32 pp.

No, it’s not a book. It’s something to go on the bookshelf. “Alfred E. Neuman is the embodiment and mascot of MAD Magazine: satire and stupidity, mischief and mayhem, and damn good looks too. Since 1954, he has graced every MAD cover with his jug ears, gap-tooth grin, and off-kilter eyes. Now, fans can enjoy all the zany fun with this Alfred E. Neuman bobblehead and 32-page mini book of quotes and images. Whether at the office or home, with Alfred E. Neuman around, you'll be asking, What, me worry?” #54232

Price: $9.95

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