Cry Chaos / The Door Through Space. Dwight V. / Bradley Swain, Marion Zimmer.

Cry Chaos / The Door Through Space

Armchair Fiction:
Medford: 2014
Trade paperback, New,
229 pp.

Cry Chaos: “the dark star, had hurled into the solar system and settled into an orbit around the sun over a thousand years ago. It was no longer really a star. It had collapsed upon itself over the eons and had become what was essentially a wondering, dark planet, virtually unseeable to all but the trained astronomical eye. But Gadar and its strange race of silver-haired people held a dread secret that the mighty Gar Shane had to discover before Earth and the rest of the solar system were destroyed. Shane was the leader of the warrior-like people of the asteroid belt, the Chonyas. But when he and his stalwart crew found themselves falling easily into the clutches of a notorious interplanetary drug-dealer, Shane knew that something far more powerful was behind it. Aided by a beautiful slave, he followed the trail from one of Jupiter’s satellites all the way to Mars, and finally to Gadar itself, where he was tempted by the beautiful silver-haired Kyrsis, who offered him power and love to betray Earth—and death if he refused! The second novel is Marion Zimmer Bradley’s The Door Through Space. Across half the galaxy the Terran Empire maintained its sovereignty with the consent of the governed. It was a peaceful reign, held by compact and not by conquest. Again and again, when rebellion threatened the Terran Peace, the natives of the rebellious world turned against their own people and sided with the men of Terra; not from fear, but from a sense of dedication.” This is a print-on-demand title. #53671

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