Writer Volume 2: Richard A. Lupoff. Richard Lupoff.

Writer Volume 2: Richard A. Lupoff

Ramble House:
Vancleave: 2014
Trade paperback, New,
318 pp.
Cover artwork by: Gavin L. O’Keefe

“Richard A. Lupoff is working on Volume 3 of WRITER right now, but in the meantime here is Volume 2 with more of the great Lupoffiana you liked so much in Volume 1. There are interviews with the likes of John D. MacDonald and Richard S. Prather; essays on various SF and mystery topics; a couple of speeches; memoirs of "them days"; and some nostalgic reviews. Volume 2 consists of more than 318 pages of compelling prose by a man who lived life to the fullest for the past 8 decades and has the knack of telling it all with style and panache.’ #53116

Price: $14.00

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