The Book of Time: Stories of the Fourth Dimension. H. G. / Lupoff Wells, Richard A.

The Book of Time: Stories of the Fourth Dimension

STP (Surinam Turtle Press i.e. Ramble House):
Vancleave: 2014
Trade paperback, New,
187 pp.
Cover artwork by: Gavil L. O’Keefe

From the publisher: THE BOOK OF TIME is an anomaly in today’s literature. It has both the old style of Wells and the modern style of Lupoff and each is represented by several examples. For Wells it’s the immortal novel THE TIME MACHINE, and the short stories “The Gray Man” and “The Chronic Argonauts”. For Lupoff we have the short stories, “Nebogipfel at the End of Time”, “12:01” and its sequel, “12:02”. This is a print-on-demand title. #53019

Price: $12.00

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