Bury Him Darkly. John Blackburn.

Bury Him Darkly

Valancourt Books:
Kansas City: 2013
Trade paperback, New,
160 pp.

“For two centuries, the body of Sir Martin Railstone, poet, artist, and libertine, has lain undisturbed in its crypt, amidst rumours that important artistic works of genius are buried with him. The Church of England has refused to allow the opening of the tomb, believing that Railstone was a murderer and dabbler in the black arts and that anything buried with him must be diabolical in nature. But now plans are in the works for a new dam, which will leave Railstone’s tomb under 100 feet of water, and a small group of fanatics obsessed with Railstone will stop at nothing to discover the crypt’s contents before they are lost forever. One of them, George Banks, opens the tomb and releases something ancient and evil. He dies a horrible death, raving mad, and whatever he has unleashed is not done killing. Four unlikely allies—a clergyman, an ex-Nazi scientist, a journalist, and a historian—must come together to stop it before it destroys all of humanity. . .” This is a print-on-demand title. #50102

Price: $14.00

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