Blood Society. Jeffrey Thomas.

Blood Society

Necro Publications:
Sanford: 2011
First edition, Hardcover, SIGNED limited, New in dust jacket,
242 pp.
Cover artwork by: Travis Anthony Soumis

Supernatural horror. This edition limited to 100 numbered copies signed by the author. “On the holiday Sicilians call Giorno dei Morti — ‘The Day of the Dead’ - Attilio Augusta meets a beautiful woman while paying his respects in a crypt. She is the same woman he once met in that crypt as a young boy. She hasn't aged a day. Soon Attilio is making love with this woman. Soon, he is fighting to save himself from the jaws of a ravenous monster. In Chicago, crime lord Alphonse Capone is introduced to a new mobster in town. A man who, unthinkably, demands a share of Capone's empire. A man who was once called Attilio Augusta. A man who is no longer merely human. Blood Society follows the career of an undying mafioso from Chicago in the 1920s to Boston in the 1990s. Along his blood-splattered path he will face traitorous comrades, a dangerously obsessed priest, the same volatile woman who turned him so many years before, and ultimately an enemy band of gangsters who are beings like himself. . . “ #46916

Price: $45.00

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