Item #46474 Second Chance / Mission to a Distant Star. J. F. / Long Bone, Frank Belknap.

Second Chance / Mission to a Distant Star

Armchair Fiction:
Medford: 2011
Trade paperback, New,
216 pp.

“SECOND CHANCE is a futuristic adventure tale through outer space and on a far-off planet by one of the most underrated sci-fi authors of his time, J. F. Bone. They didn’t know where they were. It was obviously a planet far from Earth. The memories of their past were dim. Had they come in the damaged spacecraft that lay out on the inhospitable desert floor? Regardless, they now lived in a gigantic complex built by a forgotten alien race from centuries before. The key to their past seemed to lie in the hands of a ship-board computer named ‘Oscar.’ But what secrets would he reveal to them? And when they learned the truth of their forgotten pasts, would they even want to return to Earth? The second novel, MISSION TO A DISTANT STAR is a good old alien invasion story with a different twist, written by heralded sci-fi author, Frank Belknap Long. It was the ‘friendly’ invasion of Earth. The aliens’ appearance on Earth was accompanied by overtures of friendship and goodwill. Yet, to show mankind the true depth of their power, they choose to blow an island off the map one sunny afternoon in the South Pacific. But what did the aliens, ‘the Scorpions,’ really want? What was the well-guarded secret of the disabled Scorpion spaceship that was tucked away in the lonely backwoods of Vermont? It was up to a keen political investigator to find out why, but he soon found himself knee deep in the wildest alien conspiracy imaginable.” This is a print-on-demand title. #46474

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