Sylvow. Douglas Thompson.


Eibonvale Press:
London: 2010
Hardcover, New in dust jacket,
272 pp.
Cover artwork by: David Rix

This is a print on demand title. For the record: We never (except by accident) list any POD title as a “first edition.” There’s really no such thing or, if there is, it’s virtually impossible to discern. Anyhow, about the book in hand: “In the city of Sylvow, brother and sister Claudia and Leo Vestra made a childhood promise to each other: he would look after the plants and she would look after the animals. Unlike most promises, both of these were kept – each in their own way. Claudia is now a vet – looking after pampered pets or putting down strays and leading a mundane life in the city. Leo, on the other hand, disenchanted with modern urban life, has abruptly abandoned his wife and disappeared into the surrounding forest, his only contact with the outside world being a sequence of dramatic and prophetic letters – increasingly convinced that a semi-sentient natural world is preparing to rebel against its human irritants.” Okay, it’s a POD title, but we like it anyway. Lots of POD books would never see print in any other form. Foreword by Martin Bax. #44694

Price: $25.00

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