Khepera Rising. Nerine Dorman.

Khepera Rising

Lyrical Press:
New York: 2009
Trade paperback, New,
300 pp.
Cover artwork by: Renee Rocco

The wickedest man in Africa has problems, and they can't all be solved by magic. Occult bookshop owner and black arts magician James Edward Guillaume reckons he has it all, and enjoys living up his reputation as South Africa's "wickedest man," a nice house, a business that's breaking even and the pick of all the pretty Goth girls and boys in Cape Town. Little does he know, a group of violent Christo-militants are panting at his heels, ready to destroy his carefully constructed fantasy world. To add mischief to his misery, he's unwittingly unleashed a terrifying demonic entity, and he alone holds the key to The Burning One's secret. To bring order out of the chaos, all James has to do is conquer his personal demons, teach a rather nasty, self-righteous sod a lesson in humility and find out whether he can win back the trust of an old flame. Only, as James discovers, getting back on top is hell on earth. Lots of sex and blood. #43795

Price: $10.00

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