Item #18215 Line of Polity. Neal Asher.

Line of Polity

London: 2003
Trade paperback, Fine
547 pp.
Cover artwork by: Steve Rawlings

From the author of GRIDLINKED and THE SKINNER. The hard SF people are digging this guy. He’s been compared to Tarantino and is said to be cybery, punky and adventurous. “Outlink station Miranda has been destroyed by a nanomycelium, and the very nature of this sabotage suggests that the alien bioconstruct Dragon - a creature as untrustworthy as it is gigantic - is somehow involved. Sent out on a titanic Polity dreadnought, the Ocean razor, agent Cormac must investigate the disaster and also resolve the question of masada, a world about to be subsumed as the Line of Polity is drawn across it. But the rogue biophysicist Skellor has not yet been captured, and he now controls something so potent that Polity AIs will hunt him down forever to prevent him using it.” #18215

Price: $15.00

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