A Scattering of Jades. Alexander C. Irvine.
A Scattering of Jades

A Scattering of Jades

Tor Books:
New York: 2002
First edition, Hardcover, Fine in Fine dust jacket,
428 pp.
Cover artwork by: John Jude Pelancar

A first novel. A first novel by a guy that’s seen some very good ink for his short stories.Karen Joy Fowler and Kage Baker like this guy. In 1835 most of New York burns to the ground. A young man named Archie Prescott loses his wife and his daughter, or at least stumbles across a corpse that appears to be his daughter. Archie makes the acquaintance of a former sideshow worker who introduces him to a chacmool, an resurrected Mesoamerican avatar. This avatar plans to use the blood of our hero’s daughter to bring about the end of humanity. Meanwhile, Stephen Bishop, a guide in The Mammoth Caves of Kentucky meets the avatar as well. The guide is looking for a world where the color of his skin won’t make a difference. The avatar promises such a world, if the guide will do his bidding. Archie’s path will cross with Stephen’s with interesting results. #17606

Price: $7.00

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