Fast Eddie, King of the Bees

Akashic Books:
New York: 2001
233 pp.
Cover artwork by: Jeanine Tasso

Looks like it’s right for us. “Feel the buzz of revolution coming from Dig City, where thousands of bottom-feeders have formed a subterranean colony in trumped-up tunnels built by century-20 swindlers. Fast Eddie, an acrobatic whiz kid left on the steps of this freaky future metropolis, boogies through a half-dozen levels of deception - street magician, pickpocket, professor of grift, double-dealing adoptee, casino employee, and commander of the underground hive - to the tragicomic source of his genealogical secret.” Nice interior illustrations by Marek Bennett. Appears to be sort of a twisted SF novel with beat and literary qualities. I’m thoroughly intrigued and give it the nod. #14605

Price: $14.95

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