Shards of Darkness. E. P. Berglund.

Shards of Darkness

Mythos Books:
Poplar Bluff: 2000
First edition, TPBO, Trade paperback, Fine,
158 pp.
Cover artwork by: D.L. Hutchinson

Fan Mythos Series #2 edited by Robert M. Price. Eleven stories of the Cthulhu Mythos by E.P. Berglund, most taking place in his O'Khymer, Oregon milieu, including "The Feaster from the Stars," a tale about the search for immortality; "Vision of Madness," in which a painting can cause madness; "Wings in the Night," a tale about a pact that come due; "The Sand Castle," in which a man almost becomes entrapped in a impossible structure; "The Towers," a tale about historic times in America; "Sword of the Seven Suns," in which a man fights for his very immortality; "The Eyes of Darkness," a tale of what happens when you're too curious; "The Crystal," which has gateways to all realms of space-time; "Dream-Sendings," in which we learn what Cthulhu is dreaming about; "The Inner Gateway," a tale of just how far someone can go for knowledge; and "The Drive," about a cattle drive for the Pendleton Round-Up. Introduction by Robert M. Price, editor of the Fan Mythos series. Interior artwork by Peter Worthy. Cover artwork by D.L. Hutchinson. #13141

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