Relic's Reunions. Vernon Frazer.

Relic's Reunions

BTU Books:
East Hartford: 2000
First edition, TPBO, Trade paperback, New,
Cover artwork by: Joey Zone

Got a letter from Vernon and a copy of a couple books he wrote. It was a nice letter. He made it seem as if it were important for him to be included in these pages. It made me feel good. So, I checked out one of his short stories. I liked it. It was funny, spontaneous, quasi-beat and very genuine. BTU is Beneath the Underground. I like that too. More obscure than even your standard underground fare. This novel gets a nice blurb by Don Webb. That impressed me too. It’s about entering your forties and facing the test of the high school reunion. Our hero needs to know if he’s still perceived as a geek. If not, what the hell is he now? Something better or worse? Call this a kitchen table study in artistic and personal development. Call it a beatnik book. Call it, as Don Webb did, “a wonderful book for anyone that survived high school.” #12301

Price: $8.00

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