I'm So Sorry: The Stories Behind 101 Very Public Apologies

New York: 2000
Trade paperback,
177 pp.

Holy Toledo. What a tacky piece of shit this is. I love it! Tori Spelling, Garth Brooks, Miss America, Mike Tyson, David Spade and a bunch of other headliners said or did something . . . well, stupid. Here, Dickerson examines the circumstances surrounding their lame interview, extramarital activity or inadvertent mental masturbatory act and quotes the subsequent half-assed apology. Total cheese. No better than the tabloid trash next to the candy stand at the grocery store. But fun. Good, clean, fun-poking, hee haw fun. Have a look at this and then take it down and leave it at the beauty shop or barber shop. It beats the hell out of BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS or FIELD AND STREAM. #12242

Price: $12.95

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