Trial of Flowers: A Novel of the City Imperishable. Jay Lake.

Trial of Flowers: A Novel of the City Imperishable

Night Shade Books:
San Francisco: 2007
Advance Uncorrected Proof, Trade paperback, Fine,
263 pp.
Cover artwork by: Richard Pelligrino

“The City Imperishable's secret master and heir to the long-vacant throne has vanished from a locked room, as politics have turned deadly in a bid to revive the city's long-vanished empire. The city's dwarfs, stunted from spending their childhood in confining boxes, are restive. Bijaz the Dwarf, leader of the Sewn faction among the dwarfs, fights their persecution. Jason the Factor, friend and apprentice to the missing master, works to maintain stability in the absence of a guiding hand. Imago of Lockwood struggles to revive the office of Lord Mayor in a bid to turn the City Imperishable away from the path of destruction.” #66107

Price: $7.00

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