Mountains of Madness Revealed. Darrell Schweitzer.

Mountains of Madness Revealed

PS Publishing:
Hornsea: 2019
First edition, Hardcover, New in dust jacket,
358 pp.
Cover artwork by: J.K. Potter

“In his celebrated novella At the Mountains of Madness, H.P. Lovecraft told of the discovery of a vast, alien city buried beneath Antarctic ice: millions of years old, filled with shocking secrets about the history of life on Earth, and not entirely uninhabited.
After the Miskatonic University expedition of 1930 came to a disastrous end, further exploration was either discouraged or suppressed. The city of the Elder Things slept once more, and the world seemed safe from whatever the Mountains of Madness still harbored. Decades later, global warming melts ice caps and glaciers retreat. That which was once hidden is hidden no longer. So what happens when that horror-filled city of Elder Things and shoggoths is in plain sight, its existence impossible to deny? How will mankind deal with the realization we are masters of the Earth only by sheer chance? Something is stirring, that mastery may be coming to an end.
What happens next? Denial? Exploitation? The rise of strange cults? Maybe even an ill-advised attempt at tourism? Or will the cosmic forces now awakened engulf the entire planet?” Contributors include Harry Turtledove, John Shirley, Paul Di Filippo, Robert Price and others. #64422

Price: $43.00

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