Triumph of the Spider Monkey. Joyce Carol Oates.

Triumph of the Spider Monkey

Hard Case Crime:
London: 2019
First printing, Trade paperback, New,
223 pp.
Cover artwork by: Robert McGinnis

“Unavailable for 40 years, The Triumph of the Spider Monkey is an eloquent, terrifying, heartbreaking exploration of madness by one of the most acclaimed authors of the past century. This definitive edition for the first time pairs the original novel with a never-before-collected companion novella by Joyce Carol Oates, unseen since its sole publication in a literary journal nearly half a century ago, which examines the impact of Gotteson's killing spree on a woman who survived it, as seen through the eyes of the troubled young man hired by a private detective to surveil her...” #63930

Price: $9.95

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